What is the best way to reduce stretch marks from Pregnancy?

stretch Marks
Only One of Me asked:

I recently had a baby and gained 80 lbs, causing extreme stretch marks on my tummy as well as behind my knees and everywhere lese you can think of. Any suggestions for the best way to reduce the marks, or how long until they fade?

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6 thoughts on “What is the best way to reduce stretch marks from Pregnancy?

  1. Crystal M

    use coco butter, it’ll reduce the redness but that’s it stretch marks are permanent and dont go away!

  2. Daniele L

    When I was pregnant with my first, I got tons of them, they did fade after a several months, but never went away. Some so bad they bled.

    My doctor told me “some peoples skin stretches, some doesn’t”

    Sorry it wasn’t better news.

    I personally tried cocoa butter creams and Vitamin E capsules rubbed right in frequently throughout the day, every day, they didn’t help me.

  3. **They Call Me Mama**

    Get some coca butter lotion, it helps the stretch marks fade, and stops more from popping up, I used it after my daughter and I could barely see my stretch marks after about 5-6 months of daily use.

  4. kutiepie73401

    I had tons of stretch marks with my last pregnancy and my husband would rub me down every night with coco butter lotion and after my son was born that is what I still do and they just keep fading and fading away!

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