How do you get rid of stretch marks permanently, in a natural way?

stretch Marks
Jennifer V asked:

I’m 17 years old and I have really bad stretch marks in my abs, thighs, and hips. These stretch marks were like 10 years old ever since I gained a lot of weight during my childhood. Now, I’m a healthy diet, I exercise every day and I weigh less than before but the damn stretch marks will not disappear. How can you get rid of them? Please, I need an answer, ASAP!

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7 thoughts on “How do you get rid of stretch marks permanently, in a natural way?

  1. obgynnp53

    Stretch marks are permanent “breaks” in the skin like scars. They do fade with age and there has been some success with making them “almost” disappear with the use of Retin-A but your skin will never be perfectly smooth. Creams can help your skin “appear” to look better though. Don’t worry though….almost everyone….male and female….has at least one or MORE of them. Hope this helps.

  2. Amy-Bo-Bamy

    Coming from someone who has stretchies (as I like to call them) I haven’t really found a cure. Unless you want to do laser surgery which isn’t natural and doesn’t guarantee anything. It only “minimizes the appearance”. There is a lotion that I have purchased called Strivectin-SD and they claim their product will take away stetch marks. I’ve yet to find out. My only other advice is to go to babies r us and get some stretch mark cream. Who knows if it will help, but they sell some Roc stuff for about $15. Good luck.

  3. lacyma03

    Mederma. I’m telling you.. this stuff is amazing. I tried everything. Cocoa butter for stretchmarks, creams and lotions they sold in maternity stores.. nothing came close to mederma. I put it on in the morning and at night and after only 5 days, I started noticing results.. ( I have stretch marks from having two kids… one just 3.5 months ago.) The stretch marks used to be hideous/ purple, raised and everything.. now their already fading, silver… I’m actually looking at bikinis to wear for the summer. Buy Mederma. You wont regret it!

    It is kinda expensive though, its like 13 bucks for a tiny tube. BUt its more than worth it.

  4. Michelle S

    I’m afraid that you are stuck with them unless you have the money to undergo some serious surgery. Then you will have scars that a doc will have to hide in some interesting places! Just consider them your battle scars from the ” battle of the bulge” which you so proudly won ! I’m still fighting…..

  5. Elizabeth

    Sorry to tell you this, but they are permanent.
    They’ll fade over time but never go away completely.
    Don’t go spending money on expensive creams and lotions they are a total waste of money.

    Good on you for the weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

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