What is good for preventing stretch marks?

stretch Marks
quozy asked:

Myself and all my sisters get really bad stretch marks, to the extent that we look like we have been clawed on our hips or lower back. All my sisters have had babies and their tummies have really suffered from stretch marks. I am in my late twenties and i want to ensure that should my body change or should i become pregnant, that i don’t suffer the same. I would appreciate any advice or product i could use at this stage to prevent rather than treat. I know bio oil can be good. Any other ideas?

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13 thoughts on “What is good for preventing stretch marks?

  1. chocoholic

    massage (don’t just rub, otherwise your skin gets oily) baby oil into places that you get the strech marks

  2. lilbunny032

    i have heard cocoa butter kind of prevents them i am not saying you wont get any at all but it might help. 🙂

  3. beebler

    bio oil, palmers cocoa butter are supposed to be good.

    maderma is good at fading them once they have already appeared. good luck.

  4. ncravioto07

    rub vitamin e lotion 3 times a day
    dont scratch..people are going to tell you cocoa butter but it doesnt work and its stinks..
    and drink alot alot alot of water..
    and eat stuff with alot of antioxidents

    make sure the vitamin e lotion has a high amount of vitmin i.u.
    for example 42,000 i.u. is a okay amount..

    please dont listen to butter that cause you to get burned in the sun!

  5. sweetshady

    moisturise your body as much as you can and your skin will be supple and will stretch more easily and you might not get such bad stretch marks!

  6. angela t

    coco butter is fabulous..you can buy this from any chemist..ensure you moisturise your body thoroughly with the cream..but once you have stretch marks their really is no cure..bio oil fades the marks but prevention is better than cure..

    try coco butter..

  7. whellad

    Unfortunately the tendency to get stretch marks is genetic.
    If your sisters have them on their abdomen after pregnancy then the chances are that if you go through pregnancy then you will get them too I’m afraid.

    On the up side, once you have children then the importance of stretch marks will fade, along with the stretch marks themselves. They become much less visible over time.

    Try some lotions and potions if it makes you feel proactive about it, but it will only be wasting your money.
    Sorry if it sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. Advertisements will try to tell you different in order to get your cash though.

  8. spider

    any mositurizer with vitamin e in 🙂
    cocoa butter, baby oil, vaseline. make sure that your skin doesnt dry out, for example use a good coca butter moisturizer and put vaseline on top at night so it doesnt dry 🙂

  9. DEBRA R

    i use and used through my pregnancy body shop’s Vitamin e range
    body wash
    creme lotion
    body butter and many more are available
    it helps to restore collagen and elastin in the skin and of course it smells great
    it ain’t to expensive and the body shop do a loyalty card that gives you 10% discount and free gifts when you spend amounts and a gift for your birthday
    also Palmer’s body creme is very good
    good luck

  10. ravebaby

    Bio oil is good. I also tried a firming gel by Botanics which is ok. It doesn’t make them disappear but they faded after using them both.

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