What is the best way to avoid stretch marks while pregnant?

stretch Marks
jenny c asked:

I have stretch marks on my legs and ******* from puberty so its not like I should even care, but I want to avoid getting stretch marks on my stomach while pregnant.

What works? Any special lotions? Just not gaining a lot of weight too fast?

Any advice?


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  1. mar

    I think some people are just more prone to stretch marks than others. I recommend using a lotion twice a day for the entire pregnancy. It might help, and it might not.

    Try not to gain quickly, but that is tough. The stretch marks do fade a bit over time. There are new things on the market, for lots of money, that say they help stretch marks. I have never tried them so don’t know if they work.

  2. ladyscientist

    I got HUGE with my two babies and did not get a single stretch mark. I alternated slathering my belly with pure Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter. I would walk around ***** while they soaked in and then get dressed a hald hour later. I was a little slippery (hee hee) but not a stretch mark at all!!

    Good luck to you!!!

  3. gpg29420

    Ok this might sound weird, but just rub olive oil on your stomach twice a day. When you wake up and before you go to bed. It’s cheaper than the special lotions and it works. It also has no smell to it. You should rub it into your stomach, breasts, thighs, and wherever else you think you might get stretch marks. It works for me.

  4. redpeach_mi

    stretch marks are pretty much almost like a genetic thing, you’re either going to get them or you don’t. there is no way to prevent them or make them better.

  5. Theresa

    If your prone to get them there is nothing you can do.To lessen them a good cocoa butter will help a little


    I never got any until I was well past 20 weeks. I have had gradual weight gain throughout my whole pregnancy and have used cocoa butter & biooil several times a day for months now. i am now 37 weeks pregnant and have lots all below belly button so wouldn’t advise these products!!!I think they would have been a lot worse though if I hadn’t used anything though. happy stretching!!

  7. Sunshine

    Don’t scratch your belly when you itch that will give you stretch marks galore. Rub your belly with your whole hand avoid using your nails.

  8. onyx1057

    i went to lamas classes with my wife and was told baby oil on belly uper thighs and bottom was the best

  9. ani

    The best thing you can do while the pregnancy and after if you get stretch marks is the COCOA BUTTER, but it has to be 100% natural. After I had my son I had a lot of purple stretch marks I have been wearing COCA BUTTER for like a month and they are fading, because one thing they will never come off, but at least they are smoother with the cocoa butter. Try Palmer’s or just plain whole cocoa butter. oh and wear it EVERYDAY. Consistency makes the difference
    Good luck!

  10. addisonsmom17

    There really is no way. I only gained 20lbs with my baby, I exercised, drank tons of water, ate great and used tons of lotions and oils every single day. I did everything, it just depends on your skin.

  11. JoesWifee

    I’ve read that it’s a genetic thing. It’s weird because I have stretch marks from puberty too on my legs and thighs. However, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I bought some Palmer’s Itch Spray which has vitamin E and cocoa butter. Before I dry myself off and get out of the shower, I spray it all over my stomach and ******* and just let the oil absorb into my skin for a few minutes. After that, I pat dry. I do this twice a week and my skin is always soft and smooth. I am almost 7 months and I’m pretty big, but I don’t have one stretch mark on my belly (knock on wood). My mom is smaller than me, had 4 kids and never got any stretch marks at all. I’m not sure why I got them on my legs and thighs, but not on my stomach. Either way, I’m thankful!

    Good luck!!!

  12. mysterious

    I’m seven months pregnant with my second child, this time round i’ve been using palmers cocoa butter pregnancy stretch mark cream (it doesn’t smell like chocolate). So far so good. Bio Oil is really good post pregnancy to help stretch marks fade.

  13. blonde_mama

    I also have stretch marks from puberty… on my ******* and hips… but managed to stay stretch mark free during pregnancy (despite gaining 45 lbs!). My secret — Stay hydrated! Rub a moisturizing oil onto your skin while it’s still damp… everyday when you get out of the shower. And, most importantly, DON’T SCRATCH! (And remember not to scratch your tummy after delivery either… you can still get stretch marks after your baby is born for the first few weeks)

    Worked for me! And ALL of the women in my family usually get stretch marks.

    Best wishes!

  14. scottnkris819

    You can try all the lotions, but for some of us petite women, there is not much you can do. Obviously not gaining a lot of weight helps, but if you have a small frame, and your belly can only grow out, you might find it impossible not to have a few stretch marks. For me the worst stretch marks are on my rear, but the skin on my stomach was stretched so bad that only surgery will fix it. I went from 5’5″ and 108lbs to 165lbs. I have now lost all the weight, but my stretch skin will need some professional help! LoL!

  15. Carry C

    Sorry, there is no way to prevent stretch marks and since you are prone to them already you will get them during your pregnancy. Stretch marks are caused by the pulling my ligament tissue beneath the skin and are hereditary. But still use a good moisturizing lotion on your belly to ease the itching and drying of you belly skin.

  16. doom92556

    The severity of stretch marks depends on the elasticity of the skin. It’s all hereditary, NO cream, lotion, herbs, etc will change that…Congrats on the baby!!!

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