What is a good way to avoid stretch marks?

stretch Marks
James asked:

One of my friends was on a tough workout plan and built muscle fast. He developed stretch marks and it looks bad. What is a good treatment for your skin to avoid these or make them go away if you get them? How do pregnant women make their stretch marks go away?

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2 thoughts on “What is a good way to avoid stretch marks?

  1. kireinaphoenix

    During pregnancy apply body butter everynight.
    Body butter from bodyshop is the best for me.
    Ensure that you have enough moisturizer for your skin so when the body blow bigger the skin won’t *****.

  2. gree c

    Stretchmarks Removal
    As we pass through different stages of our lives, be it puberty, pregnancy or even on a holiday when we eat a little too much, and gain weight, we inadvertently develop stretch marks on some part of our body. Even body builders can have stretch marks, in cases when the growth of the muscle is very rapid. At first these marks are reddish purple in their appearance, but lighten to shades, which are almost of the skin color, which helps in their easy removal. So don’t be panicky if you spot your first stretch mark, they’ll fade with time.

    Stretch marks generally appear after child birth or after losing weight, when the skin returns to its normal size and is thus less apparent. It still has a loose feel and the marks may also be a little lower than the surrounding skin, which imparts a rough feel. The stretch marks are made on the dermis of the skin, which is one of the 3 layers of the skin, and when it is kept stretched consistently for a long period of time, it loses its elasticity and the small collagen fibers constituting it break, leading to formation of stretch marks. Stretch marks besides the cosmetic aspect are totally harmless. They do not limit normal body functions.

    Removal of stretch marks is the most effective when they are just formed, i.e. when they are reddish in color. Dermatologists recommend various treatments for the marks, but their removal is very difficult once the marks fade. Although, one can use Olive oils, Coconut butter or Vitamin E or Vitamin A for massaging over the marks. Aloe Vera Gel soothes irritating skin which has been recently stretched. For an effective prevention of stretch marks, exercising is the best bet, as it keeps the muscles and skin firm. Also eating foods, which are rich in proteins, Vitamin C and E help in promoting and maintaining healthy skin.

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